Weekend Getaway to Miami

Self care isn't selfish.  Working long hours in the corporate gig and building a budding boutique business takes a lot of mental, physical and emotional energy.  Feeling like the walls were closing in on me it was time for a getaway.  Knowing when to take a break is essential to maintaining momentum in your personal and professional life.  Managing your own energy is your responsibility, so do yourself a favor and getaway. 

My weekend getaway was in Miami, Florida to recharge.  I've traveled to Miami many times and this time I stayed at Catalina Hotel & Beach Club in the heart of South Beach.  Spending time lounging at the rooftop pool with a book and beverage was a prefect way to decompress from a fast pace life. The property has a zen feel with two pools and hip hop tunes pipped into the atmosphere. The hotel staff took care of me and I stayed in a posh suite that was just my type of accommodations. Hotels in South Beach range from luxe to boutique and I prefer a combination of the both.  

One of my favorite places to eat some Cuban food is Las Olas Cafe Miami Beach on 6th street.  They serve breakfast, snacks, cuban sandwiches and daily specials. I ate there daily without breaking the bank and they are generous with the portions. There are streams of locals ordering traditional cuban coffee and sitting outside of the corner cafe.  

For a sweet treat, gelato from Antico Pizza Miami hit the spot.  If, you live in Atlanta and love some great pizza then you're familiar with Antico's on Hemphill Ave.  It's the same owners and you can expect the same quality food. Treat yourself to a taste of some on the go Italian food.

Rounding out the weekend was a day at the beach.  But, before heading to the beach I stocked up on snacks at the local Walgreens. Water, pre-cut fruit and Nutella. There's a strategy to scoring at good spot on the beach.  Get to the beach early, chat up the beach staff and kindness will get you a good spot.  Always, request an umbrella! I spent the whole day enjoying the ocean waves, reading, snacking and doing absolutely nothing. 

Self care isn't selfish.  Schedule time to rest, relax and recharge is all part of being healthy in your mind, body, soul and spirit!

Welcome to the Posh way of life!






Catalina Hotel & Beach Club

Catalina Hotel & Beach Club