Memphis Musing

 South Main, Downtown   Designer:  Marcellous Lovelace   Install Team: BLK75   “I Am A Man.”

 South Main, Downtown

 Designer:  Marcellous Lovelace

 Install Team: BLK75

 “I Am A Man.”

A few weeks ago I took a road trip to Memphis.  My parents are retired and moved to the south for warmer weather and to be closer to family.  So, whenever I visit I like to explore the city.  I'm always looking for something to learn, view and/or see and Memphis didn't disappoint.  

Musing around the greater Memphis area and you'll find Shelby Farms Park . This 4,500 acre park is full of trails, ponds, biking and running pathes.  I take advantage of the running trails at Shelby Farms Park for the beautiful views and to be closer to nature.  I take my time, settle into a run and enjoy jogging, seeing the buffalo roaming the plains and the ponds full of fish.  The fresh air and breeze makes me feel alive.

Next, I recommend heading downtown to explore the historic sites and buildings.  I popped into a little grab and go soul food restaurant called 99 Cent Soul Food Express for some chicken wings and sweet tea. The wings were good, the sweet tea was actually a mix of lemonade and sweet tea which was called the "Obama." The welcoming staff treated me like family by chatting me up about the history of the area. Supporting small businesses are important to the growth of the community and the redevelopment of downtown Memphis.  Just a couple of blocks away is the National Civil Right Museum, which is hallowed ground. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated at the Lorraine Motel on April 4th, 1968 after delivering his famous "I've been to the Mountain Top" speech. The Lorraine Motel is the site of the National Civil Right Museum.  It is a must see location in Memphis.

Finally, it was time to look for murals, which is one of my favorite activities to do when traveling.  Memphis has cool and funking murals in various neighborhoods.  The "I AM A MAN" mural spoke to me the most on this visit to Memphis. In February of 1968 sanitation workers were on strike and protesting due to the dangerous working conditions and poor pay.  Rev. James Lawson comments about at the heart of racism was the idea that a man isn't a man. His thoughts and comments embodied the messages of the movement and the icon placards. There is so much meaning in the mural that it quiets your spirit and moves your soul.  The mural is powerful and is camera worthy with a clear understanding of the history behind the colorful artistry. 

Traveling is a part of my life.  It doesn't have to be a far away trip.  There's history and sightseeing in your local city or town.  I'll be going back to Memphis and sharing my new findings and musing through the city to find more murals.

Welcome to the Posh way of life!