Manage Your Emotions


Learning how to manage your emotions is an important attribute to develop your professional and personal life.  We've all experienced one of those moments when our emotions got the best of us.  I've had moments when I've wanted to jump out of my skin, but had to remain calm cool and collected.  It's a learned behavior that takes time to master.   This won't be a venting post about being emotional, but more about how you can handle your emotions when life comes at your fast.

Here are 5 tips to managing your emotions:

1. Find a healthy outlet.  Finding a healthy outlet will help to release stress and release happy hormones.  Studies have shown that exercising reduces stress related health risks. I enjoy running, it's personal time to declutter my mind and keep my body in shape. Having a healthy outlet channels and changes those difficult emotions into constructive, life giving positivity boosters.

2. Pray. Seeking divine guidance is a way to increase your faith that everything will work out in your favor.  I have quiet time to pray, read my Bible and post affirmations around my home to remind me of God's goodness and that a positive solution is on the way. Find resources that speak to your spirit and soul to encourage yourself through challenging times. 

3. Unplug. Put away everything that is contributing to being emotional for a time period.  Put away people, places and things that are stressing you out.  I unplug my work cell phone, laptop and put them out of my sight.  Book a quick trip, take a walk, go to the spa, spend time with people you love and recharge your body and soul.

4. See the big picture. Taking a moment to see the big picture is vital to managing your emotions in challenging times.  Sometimes stressful triggers are temporary and you can manage through them.  Other times they may have critical impacts to your life and well being.  Evaluate the big picture, know your worth and govern yourself accordingly.

5. Don't react. Keep calm and carry on!  Take a pause for the cause and don't react.  Process the information and count to 10.  I know it sounds silly, but not reacting can save you from doing something you may regret later. There's a time and place for everything and having your emotions under control is a sign of maturity.  Everything doesn't deserve a reaction, so don't give up your personal power to a situation that can be managed.

These tips are in no particular order, applying them to your life will help to manage your emotions.  One, final and important tip for managing your emotions is seeking professional help.  Talking with a licensed professional to help manage your emotions is highly recommended.  The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services is a resource that can provide guidance to managing your emotions. 

Welcome to the Posh way of life!