Recap- Part 1: Flourish Speaker Series


Taking an idea to action takes a lot of courage.  On my 2017 vision board I'd written the idea/goal of hosting an event.  As, a believer there is a scripture in Habakkuk 2:2 that states to write your vision.  It's Biblical, even if you're not spiritual, experts note that writing down your ideas/goals, affirmations propel you to accomplish them more often than not.  I looked at my vision board and made the decision to make some moves. (Cardi B voice in my head)

The title of the event was placed in my heart and iNotes for months.  It was cultivating as I thought about the tone, flow and speakers to invite to share at the #FlourishSpeakerSeries. I approached the event planning as I would any corporate event (meeting, training session) that I'd manage. This time I was a one woman show funding and executing everything.  Executing an successful event takes a lot of pre-work, day of event and post event work.  I did all the marketing, promotions, advertising, securing the "talent," photographer, venue and "run of show." Here's a major key...I used what I learned in my corporate gig and PIVOTed those skills to my business. 

In my corporate gig I'm provided all the tools and support to execute a success event.  Using similar best practices and techniques to host my own event is called PIVOTing!  By PIVOTing and using similar concepts made the overall planning process flow well. When God gives you a vision to impact and change the lives of others it doesn't always come with a road map.  The vision will come with intuition, trust it!  It's that "knowing" inside of you that is like a compass, guiding you to the next step of the process. My intentions for the #FlourishSpeakerSeries were and are to provide a platform to showcase influencers, experts, speakers that are relatable, relevant, insightful, impactful to people that are similar to me.  Also, I want to be a trusted resource/source and advisor for quality content for today's culture.

I'll be taking a deeper dive into the successful outcome of the #FlourishSpeakerSeries over the next couple of weeks.  The strategy, planning, systems, execution of the event will be shared and what's next for the speaker series.  I encourage you to start by starting and don't delay your success by waiting for everything to be perfect.  Go and be great.

More pictures to come....


Welcome to the Posh way of life.