Top 5 for 2018


When I started reflecting on the year I started jotting down some notes about what I needed to focus on in 2018.  So, here are my 5 for 2018...they are in no particular order.  All of them hold the same value of importance to me. 

This year has been a worldwide with many triumphs and challenges.  I pulled together some thoughts as I look forward to the new year with great expectation!  

N.O.W. - No Opportunity Wasted --- This phrase is a call to action that lit a fire in my soul when I heard it.  No longer will I side step opportunities that are outside of my comfort zone.  I'm taking calculated risks in every area of my life. I won't let the fear of what could happen stop me from making something happen.

Self-Care - To me is doing the things that I've been putting off.  For example, self-care is running for me.  Running is my way of unplugging from the world and doing some mental maintenance while pushing my body. Your self-care may be dedicating some time to pay bills, do the laundry or going to the spa.  Whatever self-care looks like to you, do it.

Clear The Clutter - Working to removing anything and everything that is cluttering up me life is vital to my success in 2018.  No more pity parties and reliving the past, it's time to "clean house." (sweep sweep) Allowing distractions, time suckers, time wasters have got to go.  Clearing out emotionally, socially, spiritually, financially, vocationally, mentally...everything!  My overall success and destiny is dependent on being clutter free.

Be Intentional - Aligning my actions with a specific purpose will be a "battle cry" for 2018.  I'll be asking myself what is the intent of what I'm doing, going, attending, buying.  I will be introspective and intentional to truly ask the "why."

Be STILL - Being on the go all of the time has taken it's toll on me.  I'm wired to be a go-getter, I feel uncomfortable if I'm not doing something all of the time. I miss a lot of things, connections, opportunities due to my lack of STILLNESS.  I enjoy my alone time, but I'm not STILL.  I'm pacing, reading, thinking, writing, planning, plotting, my mind is going a mile a minute.  I've started practicing being still for a few minutes at a time in the last couple of months.  It's tough and I'm celebrating the tiny wins of STILLNESS.

Step out on Faith - I'm spiritual.  Faith can be defined as a strong belief in something that has no proof and/or complete trust in God.  I believe in both definitions of faith.  I've been holding back in some areas of my life because of fear of failure.  I'm turning that fear into faith to accomplish my goals, dreams and aspirations.

I've never written anything publicly like this, so I feel very vulnerable sharing this post.  My hope is that my vulnerability will inspire you to think about 2018 in a new way. Trust yourself, give yourself grace to succeed in life.  Your success will look different from my success and that's okay.  Start preparing for 2018 with excitement and joy for the wonderful new chapter of your life.  I'll be doing this same thing and popping in with a blog here and there to share!

Welcome to the posh way of life!