6 Ways to power your PIVOT in the workplace


Navigating the workplace can be challenging, but it's not impossible.  With a bit of THOUGHT FILLED thinking here are 6 best practices that will help you succeed at powering your PIVOT at work.  

Photo: CreateHerImage

Photo: CreateHerImage

1. BE a model employee

2. BE a solution provider

3. BE on the lookout for stretch assignments/projects

4. BE a volunteer for an event, community service project or a committee

5. BE social - chit chat with co-workers, supervisors and leadership within in reason

6. BE well groomed, polished and "pulled" together employee

These best practices aren't rocket science, they are effective ways to power your PIVOT.  Remembering and implementing these practices will get you PIVOTing in a positive direction. By using these principles navigating the workplace will systemically become easier.  I encourage your to take 30 days and really implement these best practices and observe how your attitude, appearance and performance improve. I want to hear your results so comment below!


Welcome to the posh way of life!