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What's up with these hardshell travel rollers?

Working in a corporate environment has afforded me opportunities to travel.  I've invested in a high quality hard case travel roller that I can fit everything in.  Long gone are the days of those fabric pieces of luggage that contestants would win off “The Price Is Right.”  I have a bright yellow travel roller that always gets attention because it stands out.  Having a piece of luggage that could easily be identified if  ever needed to be checked in for a flight.  TJ Maxx and Marshalls are a couple of retailers you can find some high quality travel rollers and luggage pieces without breaking the bank.

Having a reliable piece of carry on luggage is a must.  When I’m flying in and out of cities my go to luggage is the hard shell roller bag. Here are a few reasons why it's my go to piece.

1. Light Weight

Having a lightweight piece of luggage is a no brainer when traveling.  The modeling of the outer case is something like from outer space.  Even with a few days of clothing and essentials it's still lighter than traditional suitcase materials.

2. Durability

Traveling is tough on luggage.  From baggage handlers to overhead compartments, and the general use the hard case shell roller out lasts other luggage material.

3. Compact

A compact piece of luggage is a must with space on aircrafts being highly coveted. Most roller abide by air carrier weight and size requirements without any hassle to travelers.   

4. Expandable

Most hard case shell roller have an expandable capacity to provide additional room for travel item without  having to "check in" you bag. 

5. Unique

There prints, colors and patterns to suit your unique style and show your personality.  

Welcome to the Posh way of life!