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The Comeback

Photo Stock: CreateHer

Photo Stock: CreateHer

In just a few months my career journey changed for the better in a blink of an eye.  In January I was told that the department I worked in was being eliminated and in May I accepted a new role. My journey to promotion wasn't easy, but totally worth every challenge I conquered.  

No, testimony!  I focused on the work, stayed positive, professional and over a period of time an opportunity opened up.  If, you haven't listened to The Layoff podcast here's the link to get caught up.  

Starting a new position in a different department felt like entering high school freshman year! Since, I've been with the organization for awhile and familiar with the culture I'm navigating my first few weeks solo.  Currently, I'm reporting directly to the executive, which is great...but I know that will change in the next couple of months.  So, I'm creating a solid professional relationship with the executive to ensure I'm trusted and there is a comfort level between us.

Here are some tips on surviving the sink-or-swim portion of adjusting to a new job.  

  • Make Friends Quickly -- I developed a 30 second intro in my head and started saying hello and meeting people like I was on a Beyonce's On The Run Tour! Everyone I see I say something the to them in some form or fashion.  I'm the newbie, so I've got to take the initiative to make connections.  By being friendly it opens people up and creates a perspective of collaboration and positivity.  
  • Put in Extra Effort -- Work is work and when you're new on the job you're going to have to do extra.  I've put in extra effort by meeting with key decision makers and influencer that I'll need their support in the work that I'll be doing to support the business. I use my interpersonal skills to create bond to listen and learn about them and their expertise.  I'm not waiting for the executive to introduce me to anyone.  My goal is to meet with people I'll be partnering with in 30 days. 
  • Ask Questions --- No one is expecting you to know everything on the new job. Ask questions.  Schedule time with your manager to get answers to those "burning platform" questions.  Lean into your co-workers and team mates who can be some great resources for simple "best practices" on navigating the workplace.  I've been asking questions and getting advise from my co-workers and always having a pen and journal to write questions I have to ask at the appropriate time.
  • Jump Right In --- When you know the fundamentals of your job...jump right in!  I got the job and have an understanding of what needs to happen so I rolled up my selves and started planning my work. It's a little intimidating, however this is your time to step up and show value.  WARNING: Don't be a "know it all" and try and take over, change and give your opinion on anything at all.  You'll total mess up the "newbie" grace period.  Embrace the uncertainty with confidence, pose, grace and you'll survive without sinking.

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