Pathway to Promotion

You want a promotion, so does everyone else.  You get a promotion for doing more than your job description.  Everyone is "doing" their job, that's why it s a full time job.  The people that get noticed are the ones that are doing MORE than their job.  Are you doing MORE than your job?  Are you going above and beyond in your current role?  Are you really, really, really doing more than what your job requires.  You want to be so good at your current job that your manager would be lost without you. Starting thinking as if you're already in the next position. 

Adjust your mind set and find a way to manage up.  Managing up is performing on a higher level than you current job requirements and responsibilities. Use your skills, talents to find a niche in your current position and shine!  If, you're a social media guru then start managing up in that area and keep managing up until you're shining in all areas of your position.  Give yourself time at least six months to a year to develop your skills on managing up.

Here are some "thought starters" to get you moving in the right directions to your pathway to promotions:

  • Build relationship and connections with key decision makers and influencers
  • Let your reputation and work ethic speak for you
  • Be a subject matter expert (you're scope and depth of knowledge should be highly valued)
  • Be a solutions provider (you're the "go-to" for answers and problem solving)
  • Dress like you mean business (show up like you're the Boss)

I'm sharing this simple but significant insight with you to keep you ahead of your competition. You've got to be willing to work for everything you want.  My goal is to share my expertise on navigating the corporate culture so you can excel in everything career move you make.  You're unstoppable and on the pathway to promotion, so be busy working. Subscribe and share this post.

Welcome to the Posh way of life!