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How to be a MODEL employee

Photo: CreateHerStock

Photo: CreateHerStock

Getting a job and keeping a job are two different things.  I've seen a lot of employees come and go for various reasons.  A recurring issue seen is the lack of being model employees.  There's a since of entitlement that just doesn't work well in a corporate environment.  If, you're going to PIVOT in any area of your life the workplace is the easiest place to start.

1. Stop being BASIC

Just enough isn't enough.  Step up your professionalism to a greater level.  Manager yourself.  Be accountable to yourself with assignments and tasks given to you.  Take ownership of your career by modeling the acceptable company culture with a dash of personality.

2. Keep your eyes on your own paper

Mind "YO" business.  Consider your job as your own business and handle it accordingly.  Focus on what you've been tasked/asked to do and do it well.  The less you're distracted by things and people that are out of your control and above your pay grade the more work you can get accomplished.  

3. Live above the snake line

There's a certain altitude that snakes can't live above called the "snake line."  Live above the snake line of gossip, negative influences, pettiness, competition, messiness and all of the foolishness the living low can bring.  Don't even allow yourself to be around it.  You're better than that and have better things to do with your time.

4. Bloom where your planted

Learn everything you can at your current position.  Apply everything you've learned at your current position.  Problem solve and come up with recommendations to share with you manager at your current position.  Develop a good working relationship with your peers and manager at your current position.  Ask for stretch assignments and/or more responsibility if you've mastered your current position.  You've got to bloom where your planted before you are ripe for the picking of another role.

The list could go on and go, these are just a few of the many.  The bottom line is to "worry about yourself." Stay focused on doing YOUR job! Don't get distracted by who and what other people are doing or not doing.  There will always be something or someone not doing what their suppose to be doing. Don't concern yourself with that because it's none of your business. Be the best employee YOU can be.  Ask for constructive feedback from your peers and manager.  Be prepared for their feedback and stay out of your feelings.  Their prespective is important, take it all with a good attitude.  Be the model employee that everyone knows and loves.

Welcome to the posh way of life!