Are you thinking about making a LATERAL move?

Photo: CreateHerStock

Photo: CreateHerStock

In a professional setting making a lateral move can be viewed as a negative.  I'd like to challenge your perspective to view it as an opportunity.  Make sure you're considering a lateral move for the right reasons.  I made a lateral move a couple of years ago.  The ego popped up with negative thoughts and fear about my professional future.  Remembering my core values I quickly told my ego to have a "stadium of seats" because I was chasing my destiny.  I also remembered some really valuable advise that careers aren't like step ladders but more like a jungle gym.  To get to the top of a jungle gym you've got to PIVOT, and move strategically. 

Making a lateral move was one of the best decisions I've made for my professional career.  I stepped out on FAITH;  made the move without an increase to my salary.  Within a couple of months of putting a lot of hard work in I was given a bump in my salary. (hands raised)  Opportunities and exposer to different areas of the business, projects, building relationships clients and vendors have opened up to me.   Diversifing my skill set  and gaining experiences has made me more marketable inside and outside of my organization.  

Here are some "thought starters" to assist with navigating a lateral move:

1. Think about the future potential of the job

2. Don't let money hinder you from considering a lateral move

3. Remember your personal/professional values

4. Trust your intuition

5. NOW - No Opportunity Wasted

6. Create a "T" chart and write down the pros/cons

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